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Are the Graduation Caps and Gowns for High School Different From

In about anything, there is almost always a standard to be followed. This can come in the form of written laws, rules, and regulations or the unwritten mores and folkways. For the most part, this provides a sense of order in an otherwise chaotic situation. It also promotes unity in action and facilitates the decision-making process.

Even when it comes to the matter of graduation ensemble, a governing body in the person of the American Council on Education or ACE has been put in place to serve as a guide in matters concerning the holding of commencement exercises. Aside from the recommendations the council provides in terms of graduation caps, gowns, and hoods, ACE also has rules for the conduct of the academic ceremony.

However, it should be noted that because the history of the wearing of caps and gowns started first in universities, strict rules are in place only for graduates of the bachelor's, masteral's, and doctoral's degree. For a high school graduation ensemble, the school has the jurisdiction to provide means for uniformity. Generally, high schools are more lenient and even have the cap and gown fashioned in the school color as opposed to the black of the college ensemble.

If you are a graduating high school student or even a parent wondering as to what graduation cap and gown to buy or rent, you can turn to the commencement exercise organizing body of the school. Most schools even provide the graduation cap and gown, which already forms part of the fees you have to pay.

For college graduates, the cap and gown pattern, fabric, color, trimmings, and lining are based on the recommendations of ACE. In terms of the graduation cap, among the common distinctions are the use of mortarboard of the color black. While cotton poplin, broadcloth, rayon, or silk is allowed, the university recommends the type of cloth to be used for uniformity among graduates.

The tassel of the cap is also of the color black or based on the degree program of the graduate. As to the gown, it is made to be worm closed with the sleeves pointed. Material used for the gown must be the same with the cap and should be black in color. The hood of the gown must be three feet long of the same material as the cap and gown.